Aryn has what?!




Things you think you never have to deal with.   Betcha never seen this before?   This is measles! And yes, Aryn was vaccinated for them.   I personally feel the decision to vax or not to vax is a personal one and not a decision anyone takes lightly. 

  So how did this happen.  Late august in the only international airport we have in our state, a man from overseas entered into the airport with a active case of the measles.   By September it had reached our county.   Either way Aryn has it.

    Lots of time on the couch for us. All we can do is keep her comfortable amd hope for no complications. 


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  1. Not very usual in this country, with the vaccines. I had measles as a child (a few years before the vaccines became available), and my children all had chicken pox (also a few years before the vaccine was widely available). One of my daughters was recently given a vaccine for chickenpox (26 years old). When I realized it, I said, wait..they had the actual chickenpox. So the second one didn’t get it. We probably all need shingles vaccines. I am glad your daughter made it through.

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