We made it through the week… Or she has sensory issues back the fuck off


It was the week that would never end….  Well maybe not but god it felt that way.   Some how in all the hussle and bussle of December we had managed to jam pack a week.  There hasn’t been a day this week that we’ve hit home before 8 pm. On top of that due to the weather I was having to drive my husband in to work most of the week as well.  As a parent with some one with sensory issues you can only imagine the horror I felt when I realized what I had done.   Add to that, that I myself have ADHD that to this day I have to take medication to manage it, and my older girl as well, it  was a recipe for disaster.   But Aryn believe it or not did wonderfully.  Much better then I could of ever hoped for.  She really loved taking daddy to work.  She manage for the most part to not have any major issues.  Her back to back therapy days were awesome.  Which let me tell you is helping me out a lot.  To knock out Speech and Behavioral therapy in the same day has been a god sent.

I am very proud of Aryn.  The first of two concerts we had to attend was on Tuesday.   It get’s very loud in the gym.  Something I complain about constantly, when it comes to her school.  They never have enough room and the room it’s self is just to small for a any kind of performance.  Orchestra  The one we attended on Tuesday wasn’t bad at all.  I am sure it had to do with the lack of percussionist trying to blow everyone’s ear drums out.  But still it was a little to loud for Aryn.  And instead of going into a full blown melt down she told me very calmly that it was to loud.   We sat out the rest of the concert in the hallway.  She got to see sister play so she was happy.   Today was Jayde’s band concert. Aryn did very well before hand.  Talking with the lady whom had sat next to us.  Which was awesome to see, normally people usually have to talk to her.  But she initiated the conversation herself and was actually talking with the women.   But remember how I mentioned the room being way to small.  Well Band is much bigger which ment a lot more families and parents.   I had taken Aryn into the hallway, not because she was having any issues, but because one there was a couple one of which was on crutched needed seats on the ground floor for lack of a better word, and two I knew Aryn wasn’t gonna make it this night without a few melt downs.  I made the decision it was best to go out into the hall instead of having to get out of there quick in case she did have a melt down.  I was able to rotate with another set of parents.  ( Matthew had to work and miss both concerts.)  So I we could just watch Jayde play at least one song.   And that’s where it began.

Moving through the crowd set her off.  like most parents of Aspies or ASD or SPD  There are things you do that you know are just gonna work.  For Aryn it’s sitting on the floor cross legged and holding her.  Talking to her and doing my best to calm her.   The first comment didn’t bother me so much.  Another parent made mention to how well she had been doing the other day.   After a quick explanation about how long the rest of the week was she smiled at Aryn  and that was that.   The second melt down  though.  That was something else.  I needed to put Aryn’s coat on, and all she wanted to do was get outside and away from all the commotion and of course she flipped out and threw herself on the floor.  So of course I had to grab her or risk her being trampled by all the other people trying to get out the door.  I was able to duck into the stair case and do my thing.. another parent looks at her like she’s crazy and asked me if she is okay.  I tell her that Aryn has sensory issues and she just needed a min or two to calm down.  The look I got…  I mean seriously.   Do you think I wanted to sit down on the ground while people are passing by and my poor older daughter is freezing her tush off because she’s in her dress and it’s the dead of winter here.   Of course not.  But it’s what Aryn needed in the moment so I did it.   There is a million other times I’ve had to the the same in public places and I’ll do it over and over again for her as long as she needs me too.  But It just made my blood boil.  Aryn had done so well this week and even with the two melt downs she did very very well tonight.  I didn’t want to take away from what a wonderful week she had just because she had reached her limit.   She loves hearing sister play and I will accommodate that as much as possible for her.   Normally I have my husband with me and We’re able to deal with these moments out of the public very.  But tonight I was only my own with lil Momma and a camera trying to get some shots of the concerts their daddy had to miss.

I think I am done ranting.  =D

Gonna add in a Sensory kiddo life hack here.

If your kiddo has issues with blow drying hair.  Something that is nessary during the winter months here.  Get a small heater with a fan.  sit it on a raised surface.  And there you go safe blow drying.  it does take a bit longer.  but it’s much better then having to use a blow dryer on her.   I think Aryn does so well with it because it’s been in her room since the first winter we were here.  Our house is very old and the heat doesn’t work as well as it should.   She’s used to the noise it makes.  Which might mean you’ll have to familiarize your little ones to the heater before you start trying to use it as a blow dryer.. SDP life hack



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