Confusion about gluten-free


good info here. We don’t do Gluten free but we do try to avoid it.

The Mom Odyssey

thIt is interesting to me as to me that with so much information out there about going gluten-free that there is still so much confusion about it. Then again it shouldn’t surprise me because there’s even more information out there about processed foods, MSG’s and fast food yet it mostly gets ignored.

Last year around the beginning of April we cut out gluten. Within two weeks Jimmi dropped about 15 pounds and I dropped a few. Not only that but Jimmi’s previous digestive issues were practically gone. My Dad and step-mom went through the same thing. Actually, that’s the whole reason this blog was started. When I found out in June I was pregnant, being that I was tired all the time and throwing up all the time, we kind of resorted to our old eating habits. I’m 35 weeks pregnant now and we’re just now slowly coming out of…

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