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Pre K is just around the corner.



I was finally able to make it down to  the school district  this week.    And as much as this school district makes me want to tear my hair out, I have to give credit where credit is due.  I was able to speak with the resource director, and she even push back an appointment to speak to me.  Which impressed me quiet a bit.   We sat and talked and I explained Aryn’s situation and how I felt that she wouldn’t be ready to go into a normal Pre K classroom.   After filling out an assessment with her, it was decided that we’d go  with developmental delays.    The speech delay she has will more then likely be enough to get her into the special needs preschool.   But the director felt that going with a developmental delay DX would work out in her favor and grant her access to all the services the district has.

I know once they reach school age the schools are suppose to take over the therapies.   But in Aryn’s case I feel as long as our insurance pays for it, she’d be better over sticking with The therapist she has now.    I have a feeling I might have to fight with them on this.   I don’t want the progress she has made with Dana go down the drain because of Speech therapy  done by the school.  But I suppose that is a bridge we’ll cross when we get to it.   In a few weeks we’ll begin the process of  all the evals with the school district to see where she is at and what services the district wants to provide her.   It’s kind of scary to think she’ll be in Pre K next year.   But at least now I feel like she’ll be able to attend school and still have her needs met.

Her nero appointment is Wednesday, I hope and pray the doctor will be able to give her a DX once and for all.   So we can move forward in the best way possible for her.     I hope the new year is treating everyone well.


Celebrities and Autism


Another good read.

Simple. I Just Do.

Jenny McCarthy was all over social media this weekend, because somebody reprinted an old interview, and everyone had something to say about it.  I haven’t touched this issue on this blog, and I call it an “issue” because just the mention of Jenny McCarthy divides people in the autism community into very disparate camps.  I’ve said before that I think this kind of division can not only hurt our kids, but also any progress we are making in enlightening society, and changing the world for our kiddos.

And truthfully, celebrities can say whatever they choose, not because it’s a first amendment right (because that is not what the first amendment is actually about), but because media and all of society expect them to have something to say on everything, and even if they don’t seek it out (although I’m pretty sure Ms. McCarthy did), sometimes they are pushed to…

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Confusion about gluten-free


good info here. We don’t do Gluten free but we do try to avoid it.

The Mom Odyssey

thIt is interesting to me as to me that with so much information out there about going gluten-free that there is still so much confusion about it. Then again it shouldn’t surprise me because there’s even more information out there about processed foods, MSG’s and fast food yet it mostly gets ignored.

Last year around the beginning of April we cut out gluten. Within two weeks Jimmi dropped about 15 pounds and I dropped a few. Not only that but Jimmi’s previous digestive issues were practically gone. My Dad and step-mom went through the same thing. Actually, that’s the whole reason this blog was started. When I found out in June I was pregnant, being that I was tired all the time and throwing up all the time, we kind of resorted to our old eating habits. I’m 35 weeks pregnant now and we’re just now slowly coming out of…

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Aryn has just had enough.


And maybe me too.  Today I have a pre op appointment.   I dropped Aryn off at daycare and headed out to the doc. My appointment had to be pushed back. Life happens.  But as I was sitting at home waiting a flood of texts came in from her provider.  Aryn was in the middle of a epic melt down. My stress went through the roof.  We gave it a bit and Aryn was still going strong. It breaks my heart to hear she’s just that overwhelmed.  As I raced across town to scoop her up and figure out what I was gonna do. Miss Amy called again and let me know Aryn was doing better. 
But I still feel so horrible for her.  I know her melt down has everything to do with the crazy week we had. Hell I even wanted to cry.  Lucky for me her caregiver is awesome and pretty much told me to go to my appointment then come get lil momma.  Because had it been up to me I would of went there and scooped her up and pretty much ruin my surgery by missing this appointment. 

  Gonna try my best to make the rest of her day as calm and stress free as possible.  And maybe some McDonalds chicken nuggets as a peace offering

Coming Out……………………………….as an Aspie


So I had to put this here, Because I feel strongly about what he is saying here.

The Asperger Boy

So this week or next week I forget, Susan Boyle came outas having Asperger syndrome, then not long after that actor Dan Ackroyd did the same thing. I have been to a few Asperger awarenesss meetings and some post diagnosis groups, one of the topics was disclosure. If and when we should be telling anyone about our diagnosis, When is the right time, best time etc.

At work over the last couple of days I have had two separate incidents where mothers of children who have ASD or Aspergers whatever you want to call it have openly announced to me and everyone else in the store that her child has the condition. The first was because her child likes to get under the counter, which many children do and she decides to tell everyone as if to make anexcuse for him. The second was a woman…

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Some really big exiciting news!



       I want you to close your eyes and take a moment to think about what I am about to tell you.  When Aryn started Speech therapy 15 months ago, At just shy of being 3 years old, She had the vocabulary of  a 15 month old.   Just let that sink in for a bit.  Think about any 3 year old you know… and just imagine how that must be like for them as well as the people around them that love and care for them. 

     Well today Dana, Aryn’s wonderful speech therapist was able to test her  to see where she is at.  She tested 2.11, which means she’s just about at a 3 year olds level of speech.  It’s still about a year behind where she should be but she’s improved so much.  This is the same kid that just about a year ago had pretty much no ability to communicate effectively, now can hold a conversation.   Can tell you what she wants and needs.   There are still frustrations still days where she can’t find the words, but for the most part she’s light years away from that kid she was a year ago.   I always use to comment on how little she seemed because of that,  She still seemed a lil behind her peers but the gap is closing quickly.  And that makes dealing with the sensory issues a hell a lot easier.  Even her day care provider was commenting on how much  better she’s doing there.

   I am excited about the progress we’re making.  She’s eating even if it’s a limited menu… it’s still eating and most days is eating 3 meals a day.  Going to bed without milk which was a big one for us.   Sleeping most night pretty well.  Now that we’ve figured out the magic bed time, and as long as we stick with that no more late nights.  Our sensory melt downs are getting less and less.  We’re all learning to see them before they get to the point of no return and help her get pass them.  She’s learning to let us know when something is gonna be to much.    She’s healthy and happier then I’ve seen her in a long time.   And for the first time in a long time I am not so worried about her going to pre K next year.    Here she is enjoying one of her favorite things. Mickey Mouse pan cakes. Image

Aryn has suvived the Measles….


  So I forgot to tag the last post… “Aryn has what?!”    But the short version  Aryn had the measles week before last.  And let me tell you it sucked.  But we managed to make it though.  Not without some scary times.   Mostly the perfect storm of scary.  We live in Indiana.  If you’re from the Mid West  or watch the news. ( I don’t know if it made national news).   Last Sunday our state was assaulted by Tornadoes.  Some way some how, our town was spared.  But there are other areas who either where hit by tornadoes, or  line winds that just destroyed whole towns.  My heart goes out to all of those whom are rebuilding when they should be prepping for thanks giving and the holidays. 

    Our personal little horror came in the form of a 103.3 fever just as the storm was getting ready to hit us.  Can I get a Amen for Tylenol.  Nothing like thinking you’re about to get hit by a tornado and discussing with your husband if you can make it to the Local Er if need be, incase  it doesn’t go down.   luckily it did and she was blissfully asleep when the tornado alarms went off.  And since she’s never allowed in the basement.  She didn’t really mind being whisked down into the basement.

     Other then that Aryn has been doing pretty well.  While her diet is still limited she’s been eating a  lot better these days.  2 meals a day is becoming the norm and three some days.  The last two day care days have gone off without a hitch.  We did have one big melt down at bath time yesterday, brought on by just plan tiredness.  We’re still waiting on the Nero doc to see here.  Since we’re in a small town  it might take a bit.  But  I feel like we’re finally getting some where getting some answers and moving forward.