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A couple of things I came by today that I want to pass along.


I came across these during my wondering on face book.  Interesting and eye opening.



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Hello 2014!


I promise I didn’t fall of the face of the earth. Though there were a few times I wish I had.  The holidays are saftly behind us and Grandma is on her way back to California.  which by the way is about 70 right now.

Let me start off by saying how unbelievably greatful I am to my Mother in law for coming out this winter.   One because both of my parents passed away long before Jayde and Aryn were born.  Matt’s parents are the only grandparents my girls have ever known.  And it means a lot to us that his mom makes the trip two times a year to see us and the girls.  It’s a pretty crappy trip from Cali to here, with lots of layovers.  It take just a whole day of flying to get here.  Plus it’s a little bit of home for us, when we live so far away.  It does make me terribily home sick.  But I love having her here.  But most importantly I had surgery on the 26th and she was a big big help.  Matt still had to work while she was here.  Something that can’t be avoided and without her help I don’t know what I would of done.  She was able to keep the house running while I recovered. And trust me if you’re a SAHM you know that without you the whole house would fall to pieces.

We did have  a lot of Sensory melt downs.  Which was to be expected because Aryn’s whole scheduled was thrown out the window.  Only one that really was so bad that it took a lot of help from me to stop.  Poor Aryn started to get sick on Christmas and by the time I was able to function on the 26th she was in full blown snot rocket mode. Which ment  Myself and my mother in law having to take her to the doc the day after surgery.  The doc claim she had a cold, but her cough was horribly croupy. I have a feeling it is more like a UPI or perhaps bronchitis. She’s doing much better now but still so very worn out most days.  So my poor MIL was not only taking care of me most days but her as well.   But what’s winter vacation without at least one kiddo being sick.   Matt’s mother was so very surprised and happy to hear and see how much better Aryn was doing.  The last time she was out here, Aryn was barely talking or interacting with everyone.  This time around she was able to see how far Aryn had come and got to really hear her talk and see her play like a “normal” kiddo.  My MIL is a Early Childhood educator, she runs one of the best preschools and Pre K programs back in Cali.  My youngest was very lucky to go there, and I wish we were home so Aryn could do the same.  So she’s very helpful when it comes to these kind of issues and things to help Aryn do better.    I wont lie I am in for a horrible week with Aryn.  Once she realizes grandma is gone and wont see her till next summer.

To add to that we have winter storm Hercules Baring down on us, and it looks like we’ll be getting up to a half foot of snow maybe more.  We already have  at least 5 inchs of snow on the ground from the storm we got yesterday.  And as luck would have it.  After the storm it is likely we wont see anything over zero with wind chills down to -40 at some point.  Jayde my oldest is suppose to head back to school on monday and to be honest I am considering letting her stay home till the cold snap is over.  I am sure you are thinking to yourself, surely they would delay or cancel school, but you would be wrong. Because our district is mostly people who live in the city it’s very rare that we get snow days or delays.   Even if it’s very cold or snowy or foggy.   This bothers me on so many levels but mostly because we have so many kids whom are impoverished in our district that may not have the proper gear to even stand out in the weather for the whole 10 mins it takes to wait for the bus.  Especially because the sun doesn’t come up to well after they are picked up.   I think I am gonna cancel speech as well for Aryn.  Since Tuesday is gonna be the coldest of the days.   I really don’t like the idea of bringing her out into the cold like that.  As important as therapies  are, some things are just not worth the risk.

This also brings into question Aryn’s Nero appointment on Tuesday.  I hate for her to miss it especially since it’s gonna  be at least a month before we could get her in again. But like I said before I don’t know if it’s worth the risk to bring her out in that kind of cold.  The last thing I need to do is subject her to the possibity of Hypothermia just for a answer to a question that could wait a little bit longer.   There are a lot of phone calls in my future, concerning making decisions on weather or not she’ll be attending anything this week.

I hope you all are doing well and staying warm.


Some really big exiciting news!



       I want you to close your eyes and take a moment to think about what I am about to tell you.  When Aryn started Speech therapy 15 months ago, At just shy of being 3 years old, She had the vocabulary of  a 15 month old.   Just let that sink in for a bit.  Think about any 3 year old you know… and just imagine how that must be like for them as well as the people around them that love and care for them. 

     Well today Dana, Aryn’s wonderful speech therapist was able to test her  to see where she is at.  She tested 2.11, which means she’s just about at a 3 year olds level of speech.  It’s still about a year behind where she should be but she’s improved so much.  This is the same kid that just about a year ago had pretty much no ability to communicate effectively, now can hold a conversation.   Can tell you what she wants and needs.   There are still frustrations still days where she can’t find the words, but for the most part she’s light years away from that kid she was a year ago.   I always use to comment on how little she seemed because of that,  She still seemed a lil behind her peers but the gap is closing quickly.  And that makes dealing with the sensory issues a hell a lot easier.  Even her day care provider was commenting on how much  better she’s doing there.

   I am excited about the progress we’re making.  She’s eating even if it’s a limited menu… it’s still eating and most days is eating 3 meals a day.  Going to bed without milk which was a big one for us.   Sleeping most night pretty well.  Now that we’ve figured out the magic bed time, and as long as we stick with that no more late nights.  Our sensory melt downs are getting less and less.  We’re all learning to see them before they get to the point of no return and help her get pass them.  She’s learning to let us know when something is gonna be to much.    She’s healthy and happier then I’ve seen her in a long time.   And for the first time in a long time I am not so worried about her going to pre K next year.    Here she is enjoying one of her favorite things. Mickey Mouse pan cakes. Image